Strangers Abroad. 

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet”- William Butler Yeats.

Meeting new people while travelling is a wonderful thing. These strangers, somehow manage to leave a lasting impression on you, with their epic stories, words of wisdom and idiosyncratic but fascinating rituals.

You exchange gripping stories; oohing, awing and laughing at the most endearing and sometimes scary accounts of their incredible adventures.

All this time, giving them the most precious thing you have to offer…your time. And through your sheer generosity, willingness to listen and fearlessness to open your heart, a connection is sparked and friendships are made. 


This is Rachel. I met her on my way back from my first ever solo trip abroad. She was on her way back home, from her own solo trip to the Dominican Republic. 

Over a drink, she shared her adventures and experiences travelling solo. Her kindness, calmness and experiences made me feel much more at ease to travel the world solo without being crippled by the fear of the unknown.

The world can be a scary place, but I really believe that people are basically good. And when you are generous with your time; genuinely interested in getting to know someone, something magically happens; a spark is ignited.

And through this tiny little spark, a bond is created and a piece of them is left with you and you with them.

Is there anything more precious than watching human beings connecting? 


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