Brunch At The Book Club.

It was Bank Holiday last weekend which meant that a lot of drinking was gonna go down. I don’t know what it is about Bank Holidays, but people often test how much they can drink in such a short space of time. Turns out, my tolerance level is very, very low.

Extremely hungover, my friend Natalie and I decided that brunch was the best and only thing that would save our souls and cure our hangover, so we headed to Shoreditch.

On our way we spotted some cool, fun and electrifying art which definitely improved my mood.




Location: The Book Club.

What I love about this place is the décor; it is very shabby chic. The bare walls; inspiration from New York cafes and bars and mix match furniture, makes the place so endearing and super cool.

Our brunch was kicked off with Prosecco…actually a whole bottle of Prosecco. Will we ever learn?


Food quickly followed and our bellies (and livers) were super happy that alcohol wasn’t the only thing on the menu.



The food was simple but great and the atmosphere, design and staff we’re awesome.

If you are ever in Shoreditch you should definitely try The Book Club. Also, did I mention that they have ping pong tables?

Hope you guys enjoyed your long weekend. 

Until next time.


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